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Change the world with New innovation Tamkin Smart Pen

The Tamkin smart pen stands as a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of deaf services and pioneering in its kind, it empowers the deaf by offering comprehensive awareness of their surroundings with the acquisition of the Tamkin smart pen, the world is at your fingertips.

Now Connect to the World

Experience continuous connectivity to the world around you, empowered by the extraordinary functionalities offered by the Tamkin smart pen.

Support both online and offline translation

Scan 4000 characters per minute, full line of text within 1 sec.

Supports more than 22 sign languages

98% of the accurate with support multimedia, paper, wooden, etc.

How Can Be Useful ?

Tamkin’s intelligent pen crafted for sign language translation was purposefully designed to serve the comfort and utility of the deaf community, their loved ones, and enthusiasts of sign language here are a few of its practical applications.


The Tamkin smart pen ensures children can confidently depend on it both in school and beyond, safeguarding their privacy while also comprehending their unique way of thinking.


The Tamkin smart pen simplifies research and report building by accurately translating content into sign language, aiding seamless communication and accessibility.

Government departments

Deaf individuals often faced challenges in navigating government paperwork due to communication barriers, with the introduction of the Tamkin smart pen, this struggle has been effectively eliminated, empowering them to handle paperwork with ease and clarity.


The Tamkin smart pen revolutionizes access to printed newspapers and magazines for the deaf community, making reading effortless and inclusive.


Complete your commercial tasks effortlessly and independently using only Tamkin's smart pen, eliminating the need for external assistance.


The joy of reading printed books is unmatched, yet the deaf community was deprived of this pleasure until the arrival of Tamkin's smart pen, which opens doors for them to experience books by translating content into sign language.



The Tamkin smart pen showcases a spacious, high-resolution touch screen, enabling users to effortlessly observe the dynamic movements of virtual translators, its intuitive interface ensures seamless navigation through different sections, providing exceptional visibility for an enhanced user experience.

Side Buttons

Tamkin's smart pen is equipped with three convenient side buttons: a power button for easy pen activation and deactivation, a volume down button to reduce the volume, and a volume up button to increase the volume.

Main Button

The primary button, located on the face of the smart pen, facilitates seamless photography and enables quick navigation to the home page, as well as effortless screenshot capturing.

Type - C Port

The Tamkin smart pen is equipped with a Type-C port, serving both as a charging interface and enabling data transfer to and from a computer.

Storage Card

Tamkin smart pen features an external outlet designed to accommodate a storage card, allowing users to expand the internal storage capacity of the pen.


Tamkin smart pen now includes powerful speakers, intended to assist the deaf during emergencies and to alert those in the vicinity who can hear.


Equipped with a high-resolution camera for capturing top-quality images.

5G Connection

Connected to Wifi

High Performance CPU

Type-C Port

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Experience the brilliance of the Tamkin Smart Pen - your gateway to bridging communication barriers, unlock the world of sign language translation in vibrant, delightful colors, embrace the beauty of expression with the Tamkin Smart Pen.

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