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Tamkin Family

Discover the incredible Tamkin family we've gathered a diverse group of virtual translators ready to assist you whenever you need them each of Tamkin’s virtual characters draws inspiration from real individuals with impactful experiences in social and humanitarian work.

Who's Qasim?

Meet Qasim, a 50-year-old from the Gulf region who epitomizes the cultural of the area his active involvement in charitable and humanitarian social work has garnered numerous accolades underscoring his unwavering commitment to community service Qasim not only preserves the ancient traditions of the Gulf but also insists on embodying his personality as our virtual translator.

Meet Fares

Meet Fares, a 36-year-old Arab residing in North Africa employed in a programming company, Fares is a devoted husband and father with extensive experience working alongside the deaf community his significant role in social work underscores his commitment to community welfare recognizing the importance of inclusive communication, Fares insisted on contributing as one of Tamkin's virtual translators, leveraging his expertise to foster connection and understanding.

Know Sara

Meet Sara, a 25-year-old who despite being raised and educated outside Egypt proudly preserves her cultural heritage her early sense of responsibility developed as she cared for her ailing mother sparking a passion for social work Today, Sara stands as one of Tamkin's virtual translators, utilizing her empathy and life experiences to foster meaningful connections and facilitate communication.

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