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The Tamkin App serves as the ultimate solution for translating and mastering sign language, serving as your comprehensive dictionary and reference for everything related to this vibrant community.

How Tamkin app Works?

Discover the key advantages and features of the Tamkin application for sign language translation and learning transform it into your personal assistant for all your needs.

AI Technology

The Tamkin project relies on AI for sign language translation and learning, prioritizing user-friendly design and ongoing advancements.


A meticulous and ongoing review process of translation procedures is conducted under the guidance of seasoned experts in sign language translation. Simultaneously the technical team continuously evaluates and refines all application features.

Privacy & security

In today's digital landscape, ensuring user safety when using technology services is paramount the Tamkin application rises to this challenge with the highest level of security and a steadfast commitment to safeguarding user privacy.


Tamkin is unwavering in its commitment to delivering excellence across all its projects with a particular focus on optimizing performance to ensure the most efficient and effective use making it the ultimate choice for users seeking top-notch results.

+ 10,000

words translated by Tamkin Family

+ 4.8

Average rating from Testers

+ 1000


Explore Sign Languages and features with amazing Tamkin Family

Translate text or audio

Feel free to input written text or verbally express your message and watch it seamlessly transform into sign language through the dedicated translator you've chosen as your default option.

Translate Files and images and Videos

Deaf individuals can now access e-books, written documents, and even translate image and video content with the exceptional service offered by Our app Simply upload the file you wish to translate and experience a high-quality, professional translation of the content

Question or inquiry

The Tamkin app is not just a sign language translation dictionary it's also your intelligent assistant within the app settings you have the ability to transform it from a tool that translates your text to an interactive assistant that you can ask questions and receive answers from.

Customize your favorite items

Within our store, you have the option to select from a variety of outfits, accessories, and backgrounds for the translator you've chosen additionally, you can even make a request for a custom character to serve as your virtual translator.

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Hear What Our Users Have to Say about Our Tamkin app

Hatem Azazi

Hamam – Tunisia | Tamkin App

I work at Tamkin Company, although my role is in a department unrelated to phone applications however when we began testing the beta version of the application we quickly realized that we were involved in an important project that is on the verge of making a significant impact becoming a pivotal initiative in breaking down barriers between the deaf and hearing communities.

Qasim Elmurshidi

Dubai – UAE | Tamkin App

I got my hands on the initial trial version of the Tamkin application and I was amazed by the incredible effort invested in it the abundance of services aimed at assisting the deaf community along with its role as a comprehensive personal assistant in various areas is truly remarkable I firmly believe that it has the potential to become the go-to application for teaching sign language across numerous organizations.

Ahmed Fekrey

Berlin – Germany | Tamkin App

I have had extensive and meaningful interactions with the deaf community and we have always encountered challenges due to the limited tools available for communication, assistance and building connections with them however after witnessing the trial version of the Tamkin app for sign language and knowledge, I am confident that it will be the very tool capable of dismantling these barriers and overcoming these obstacles.

Mostafa Abdo

Cairo – Egypt | Tamkin App

I had little prior knowledge about the deaf community their needs or the resources available to support them however I was given the opportunity to try the trial version of the Tamkin app Initially I thought it might be just like any other application however as I began exploring it I was astounded to learn that Egypt alone has an estimated 10 million deaf individuals and yet there was a distinct lack of dedicated applications catering to their needs. It became clear to me then that a significant gap existed.

What do people want to know about our app?

How can I download the Tamkin App?

To access the Tamkin app you have the option to download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store alternatively you can request the APK file directly through our website.

Is the Tamkin app free to download?

You can freely download the Tamkin app from all stores and the majority of its functionalities are also offered at no cost however there may be a nominal charge for certain additional features.

Does the Tamkin app include advertisements during use?

At present the Tamkin app is ad-free and we are not considering the introduction of advertisements our aim is to provide users with a seamless and convenient experience without any disruptions.

How to use the Tamkin App?

To effortlessly translate desired texts simply type or use voice recording in the Tamkin app allowing one of our virtual translators to provide immediate translation additionally you have the option to attach a file to be translated explore various tools on the top and sides of the screen to manage translation speed, start/stop translations, and assess accuracy the bottom menu bar offers access to a range of features, including browsing services account and consumption control, purchase tracking, store, and more.

Where can I use the Tamkin app?

Tamkin app serves as a personal assistant, sign language dictionary and communication tool while it's a valuable reference for a deeper connection with the emotions of the deaf, a real translator is crucial.

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