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Lack of services provided to the deaf community around the world, despite their large number in society

In the world nowadays , we find that there are a large number of deaf people, However, Those people do not receive appropriate services and support from the community.

Despite the increasing number of people with deafness, but there are few services provided to them.

The lack of services provided to the deaf community around the world is an important issue that needs attention and caring from institutions And governments. Many deaf people lack adequate education, career opportunities, psychological support, and Appropriate health care services . Many of this segment face daily challenges in communicating with society, and accessing to Necessary information, and basic needs

These people face great difficulties for having decent and independent life. One of the main reasons behind the lack of services provided to the deaf community is ignorance and lack of awareness about their abilities And their rights. They suffer from discrimination in schools, the workplace, and in dealing with government agencies. They lack translation language in society and in public facilities. Deaf people need support and guidance to achieve Their full potential and participation in society. To solve the problem of the lack of services provided to the deaf community, society and governments should go for full cooperation and integration.

Both should provide appropriate information and awareness to the community about the needs of the deaf and how to live with them better.

To ensure the provision of appropriate technological education, translation, guidance and employment opportunities for the deaf. They must support creation Listening and awareness centers to provide assistance and support to the deaf community. Ultimately, we must understand that the deaf community deserves rights and quality services. We must challenge discrimination and work together to improve the lives of deaf people and provide the opportunities they need. We must be a listening ear To their demands and to work towards achieving change and progress in these requirements , Providing the necessary support and services to the deaf community It is a human and social duty to ensure that people live valuable lives full of opportunities and self-esteem.

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