Explore Tamkin's plugins for translating web and app into sign language

Tamkin is dedicated to providing website and application interpretation services eliminating communication barriers between the deaf and the hearing both in the Middle East and worldwide.

  • We offer our services to deliver real-time translation of website and application content from various languages into the sign language that best serves your community.

  • We have developed our own family of 3D virtual translators to translate website and application content enabling the presentation of your services in multiple sign languages.

  • We leverage Artificial Intelligence to eliminate communication barriers between deaf and hearing individuals.

  • Manage your account and have full control over your services and administration through user-friendly professional control panel.

  • Utilize Tamkin's plugins to translate websites and applications ensuring your services are accessible to nearly 600 million people worldwide in accordance with the available sign languages of your choice.

Why invest in Tamkin?

Amidst the growing interest in investing in digital accessibility services and artificial intelligence technology here are the key reasons to consider investing in Tamkin.

Count of deaf individuals

Over 600 million people worldwide are affected by deafness, with approximately 85% of them relying solely on sign language for communication.

Social - environmental

An overwhelming 88% of customers demonstrate increased loyalty to companies that actively support social and environmental causes.

Higher profits

Research shows that companies which place a strong emphasis on inclusivity tend to excel in the market, consistently achieving profit margins that are 40% higher.


Governments institutions, and companies largely fund services for the deaf while the global deaf community generates around 13$ trillion in global income.

Required by law

Certain countries now demand official accessibility to align with their respective legal frameworks emphasizing the importance of adherence to inclusivity regulations.

Lack of services

The deficiency in services offered to deaf communities is evident, with a glaring example being that less than 2% of websites worldwide provide accessibility.

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What They Say?

Insight into the Tamkin Project and Its Innovative Vision as Perceived by Our Valued Clients


Tamkin is a pioneering project dedicated to enhancing accessibility and communication for the deaf community Through innovative solutions it will bridges gaps and empowers individuals promoting inclusivity.


Tamkin, an inspiring social initiative, is on the verge of realization. It will soon shine a guiding light for our beloved individuals who face challenges in living a typical life, promising hope and support for a brighter future.

What info should I be aware of regarding the Tamkin plugins?

Are there significant procedures involved when requesting a translation service from Tamkin?

There are no prerequisites or complex procedures for requesting Tamkin's services Simply get in touch with us and you'll receive comprehensive and transparent service packages.

What is the pricing for the Tamkin Plugin?

The pricing for the service is determined by the size of your website or electronic application to accommodate various sizes tamkin has designed multiple packages tailored to different needs.

Is the installation of the Tamkin Plugin a complex process?

No, the installation of the Tamkin plugin is straightforward. Simply follow the instructions provided in the email we sent and those available on the client's control panel, and you'll find it to be even easier than expected.

Are there free or discounted service packages available?

Yes, indeed Tamkin offers numerous free and discounted packages for various sectors, including education, social, institutional, humanitarian, and more  the company's foundation is built on serving society.

Is there technical support for Tamkin accessories after installation?

Yes, we have a dedicated support team available 24/7 ready to assist you with care and enthusiasm Feel free to reach out to us through the following support email: support@tamkin.app.

Does the customer have the ability to manage their services?

Yes, every customer has access to their own dashboard, where they can manage all their services, monitor consumption, upgrade packages, track reports, access a comprehensive store, and enjoy many other benefits.

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