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Tamkin's groundbreaking service of translating media content into sign language is a remarkable achievement, bridging the gap between the deaf community and the world seamlessly.

How Could be Near !

Tamkin's comprehensive sign language interpretation services across various media platforms maintain a strong connection between the deaf and society, enabling their seamless integration.


Tamkin will set to provide state of the art simultaneous sign language interpretation services utilizing innovative technologies, including hologram technology, for live events such as conferences, seminars, educational courses, competitions, purposeful parties and various other occasions.

Live Broadcast

Tamkin will offer sign language interpretation services for diverse live broadcasts, including television and radio channels, as well as other platforms presenting live content.


In partnership with companies, Tamkin will extend sign language translation services to billboards positioned on roads, within malls, and widespread locations.


Targeted Channels


Targeted Ads


Targeted Events


Tamkin's Sign Language Media Services encompass a range of offerings aimed at providing sign language interpretation and translation for various media content, ensuring accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Tamkin's services cover a broad spectrum of media content including but not limited to television broadcasts, online videos, live events, advertisements and any form of media presentation that requires sign language interpretation.

Tamkin specializes in training virtual sign language interpreters using artificial intelligence. Our rigorous training program and ongoing monitoring ensure precise and high-quality translation of all media content.

Yes, Tamkin specializes in providing live sign language interpretation services for events, broadcasts, conferences, seminars, and other live presentations to ensure real-time accessibility.

Tamkin's services can be accessed through various channels, including partnerships with media companies, direct service requests, or collaborations for specific events requiring sign language interpretation.

Tamkin aims to extend its services globally, collaborating with partners and utilizing technology to provide sign language interpretation services across borders and diverse linguistic contexts.

Tamkin continually explores and integrates cutting-edge technologies like hologram technology, AI-assisted interpretation, and other innovations to enhance the accessibility and delivery of its sign language services.

Yes, Tamkin collaborates with companies to offer sign language translation services for billboards, outdoor advertising, and public displays, ensuring accessibility in public spaces.

Tamkin prioritizes inclusivity by making its services widely available, advocating for accessibility standards, and partnering with organizations to ensure equal access to media content for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Businesses or organizations interested in collaborating with Tamkin for sign language services can reach out through partnership inquiries, service requests, or by contacting Tamkin's dedicated team for further information and collaboration opportunities.

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