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Tamkin ensures comprehensive integration of the deaf community into society by offering sign language interpretation for all operating systems and their associated services.


Tamkin is dedicated to enhancing travel accessibility for the deaf community by offering translation services for airport operating systems and directional signs additionally, we aim to collaborate with aircraft manufacturers to integrate translation systems into onboard systems, ensuring continuous monitoring of entertainment, security and safety measures for a seamless journey for deaf passengers.


Recognizing the underserved needs within medical systems for the deaf, Tamkin commits to bridging the gap by offering comprehensive sign language translation services this includes operating, alerting, communication and emergency systems, ensuring effective communication between the deaf community and medical services, particularly in critical emergency situations.

QR Code

Tamkin offers a unique service that facilitates seamless sign language translation by simply scanning a QR code this innovative service empowers users to translate food menus and other essential information by establishing connections with businesses and retailers, it becomes possible to access detailed product information by scanning their barcodes and avail a range of additional services through QR-based sign language translation.

+160 million

User Beneficiaries

+2 million

Job opportunity

+3 billion

Dollars for global GDP

Any Operating System can get Tamkin Services that will help to serve more users

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Metro & Trains

Schools & Universities

Government departments


Restaurants & Cafes


Tamkin's initiative aims at the comprehensive integration of the Deaf community into society by translating operating systems for phones, devices, airports, transportation systems (trains, buses, metro), healthcare facilities (hospitals), educational institutions (schools, universities), commercial spaces (markets, shopping centers, shops), government departments, companies, restaurants, cafes and more.

Tamkin will collaborates with airports to translate systems and indicative signs within the airport into sign language ,will agreements are made with airlines to translate entertainment and safety instructions inside planes during journeys, ensuring accessibility for the Deaf community.

Tamkin's services extend to various sectors including healthcare, education, transportation, commercial spaces, government offices, and hospitality, providing simultaneous translation into sign language for enhanced accessibility across these establishments.

Tamkin enables access to menus in restaurants and product information in shops by offering simultaneous translation into sign language this is achieved through scanning QR codes linked to sign language content, providing Deaf individuals with product details and menu options.

Tamkin's initiative is projected to contribute to increasing global output by more than 3 billion dollars, creating over 2 million job opportunities, and serving more than 160 million Deaf individuals, emphasizing the significant economic and societal benefits of improved accessibility.

Tamkin invests in advanced AI-driven algorithms and ongoing refinement processes to ensure high accuracy and comprehensive coverage of sign language translations continuous improvement and feedback mechanisms are integral to refining the translation quality across diverse settings

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