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Tamkin employs cutting-edge AI for real-time sign language translation serving over 500 million globally translating 3 billion words annually It's the world's largest AI sign language translation platform.

What They Say?

Insight into the Tamkin Project and Its Innovative Vision as Perceived by Our Valued Clients

Tamkin is a pioneering project dedicated to enhancing accessibility and communication for the deaf community Through innovative solutions it will bridges gaps and empowers individuals promoting inclusivity.

Tamkin, an inspiring social initiative, is on the verge of realization. It will soon shine a guiding light for our beloved individuals who face challenges in living a typical life, promising hope and support for a brighter future.

This service is truly remarkable, both socially and commercially. Now, our deaf loved ones can independently transfer funds from our website with ease and convenience, marking a significant step toward accessibility and inclusion.

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What you have to know!

Discover the ease of learning sign language and effortlessly translate files and clips with Tamkin's virtual  translators. Enjoy seamless communication and access to a world of possibilities.

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Our Family

Experience real-time sign language translation into multiple languages with the Tamkin family and our virtual translators, bridging diverse cultures and languages

Who's Fares?

Fares, the primary virtual professional translator in our family, draws inspiration from our culture, symbolizing strength and resilience, qualities that mirror our identity.

Why invest in Tamkin Token (TSLT)?

Tamkin offers three lucrative programs designed for both the token's success and investor safety, ensuring profitable and secure investments.

The Investor Program grants participants access to 10% of the project's monthly profits, distributed based on individual capital contributions.

The burning program allocates 10% of the project's profits to purchase tokens from the market and systematically burn them using a specialized mechanism within a defined timeframe.

Wallets swapping program involves utilizing 10% of the project's profits to exchange tokens for real cash flow by swapping wallets and subsequently burning the tokens.

Why Choose Tamkin Services ?

Comprehensive services

Tamkin stands out for its comprehensive service offerings with a primary goal of ensuring complete communication and accessibility for the deaf community Our commitment is to provide a full spectrum of services.

Social goal

Tamkin services are fundamentally geared toward fostering social cohesion We aim to knit together diverse segments of society through seamless rapid communication creating an interconnected community united by shared ideas.

Equal opportunities

Tamkin is committed to leveling the playing field by offering equal opportunities across various domains including education employment healthcare and more Our mission is to ensure inclusivity and equal access for all.

Privacy and Security

Security and privacy are paramount for users and Tamkin excels in both. We provide secure service usage and prioritize transactional privacy ensuring users feel safe and confident in their interactions and transactions.

Question and Answer


Common misconceptions about the deaf community especially among newcomers can lead to significant misunderstandings so you must explore some fascinating facts to expand your knowledge and foster better understanding :

The deaf community is a group of people who share deafness as a common trait and often have their own language and culture such as sign language and cultural norms.

Many members of the deaf community use sign language as their primary means of communication there are various sign languages worldwide, like Arabic Sign Language, American Sign Language, British Sign Language and more 300 Sign Language.

No, not everyone in the deaf community is completely deaf. Some individuals may have varying degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound.

While there is a significant difference between translators, interpreters and virtual translators our objective was to ensure that virtual translators could encompass all these roles through ongoing training.

Misconceptions include assuming all deaf individuals can read lips, or that they cannot communicate effectively, or that they all share the same experiences.

You can explore books, documentaries, online resources, and local deaf organizations to gain a deeper understanding of the deaf community and its culture.

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